“There were moments throughout the first 3 years of the church that I thought, what’s going on? I questioned what this was all about, was this right? However, if I would have given it up, I wouldn’t be half the man I am today and the lives that have radically changed would’ve never known God this way. Staying the course is being steadfast and that’s what God desires from us.”  -Pastor Adriel


Pastor Adriel “Skrip” Cruz born on February 19th of 1987, is the founder and visonary of World Renegade Church and an internationally known recording artist. In 2011, Adriel and his wife prayerfully said goodbye to their long time church to embark on a new journey after sensing it was time to set foot in new territory that God had planned. With fear and doubt mixed with much affirmation, confirmation, and God driven passion, he began the life changing work of what is now known as World Renegade Church in 2012.
From his late teens and early 20’s, God was faithful in nurturing a desire in Adriel to study and proclaim the Gospel, learn christian apologetics, theology and bible doctrine. His heart is to see healthy, bible loving discipleship, and leaders developed.

Adriel’s music works hand and hand with his speaking ministry expanding boundaries of Jesus and church into new arenas. His hearts motivation is seeing Christians saved, discipled, serving and members of one church. He stresses the impact a local church can have that would display holiness, Christ raised high, the bible explicitly preached, and Christians knowing why they believe, what they believe. Adriel has been joyfully married to Vanessa for 6 years, has a deep appreciation for 70’s and 80’s christian music, 1980’s cinema and DC Comics. Some of his favorite preachers are William Gurnall (1600’s) Benny Perez and Art Azurdia.