Here at WRC we believe everyone has a grace lane.

God has graced you with a place in life and our ministries here at World Renegade is the best way of helping you cultivate your unique gifts and abilities.

SERVE is our way of being like our King who was a servant to all even when He didn’t have to be.  Every part of this church requires special care and we believe you can make it better!

We have seen Character, Quality and Clarity developed in ministry. Are you up for the challenge of discovering your greater part in the body of Christ?

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Kids Ministry

Do you have a heart for the next generation?


They are the building blocks to the vision and held to higher standards…


A clear message needs clear sound. Are you the person for the job?

Online Streaming

We have a mission to reach the world. Be apart of our global reach!


A visual experience help us to engage our people.