The women of The Audacity are currently working through the book of Ephesians, every Thursday at 7:30

Hey there,

Let me start by saying, we are not playing games.

Sure, we like lipstick and skinny jeans like the next girl, but there is a city, a nation, a world to be reached and we refuse to stand by. I envision a woman… and she is equipped, locked and loaded, ready to effectively teach, preach, or pray through any situation that life throws at her.  She is armed with the Gospel, fire is in her eyes, but most importantly in her heart. She is not to be trifled with, a pilgrim on a journey,  and she is “mission ready”.

She is a Servant. Compassionate, giving and honors others above herself. 

She is a Diplomat. Skilled at making peace and discretion is on her tongue. 

She is a Renegade.  Passionate and bold for the cause of Christ, never lacking in spiritual fervor and living a life opposed to the patterns of this world.

She Has The Audacity.

How is all of this possible you might ask? This chick has an unattainable list of qualities that would put any resume to shame. Take it from a girl who decided to follow Jesus well into her 20’s, with God all things are possible, you need only take that step, get real with yourself and trust in God.

Women like that are not shaped from sheer happenstance, that’s why we meet weekly on Thursday nights at 7:30pm at:

World Renegade Church
6015 N Francisco
Chicago, IL 60659

Can’t make it this week? You can listen in on our previous gatherings below to catch up.

With Love,
Vanessa Cruz

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Digital Audacity


Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16

We are passionate about reaching out to our communities and making the name of Jesus famous. 

This quarter the women of Audacity are joining forces with the newly formed Beulah Strip Church Ministry serving Indiana and the Chicago land area. Beulah’s mission is to expose the irrefutable truth of Christ’s love to those who feel trapped in the sex industry. 

We are partnering with Beulah by providing and assembling gifts bags filled with small items including devotionals, bibles, and personal hand written cards filled with love. These bags will be distributed by Beulah teams that minister to the young ladies working in strip clubs; those that desperately need to know the love of and acceptance of Christ.

“Jesus Loves Strippers” and so does the church. -Beulah

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